MCLM Internships

To be considered for an internship, please send us a resume and two letters of reference. All application materials must be submitted together to Lloyd Clayton at Incomplete applications cannot be accepted. Receipt of application does not guarantee an internship. MCLM's Volunteer Coordinator will contact the applicant to confirm receipt of their application.

Applications will be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator and appropriate MCLM staff. Due to the MCLM's small staff and the limited number of internships, the application process is competitive. The Volunteer Coordinator will arrange an interview with the top applicants. During the interview, the Volunteer Coordinator and the applicant will discuss goals, work plans, and expectations; be introduced to the staff; and take a tour of the MCLM. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact the interviewee within one week of the interview to confirm internship status. Once selected, interns will be assigned a supervisor from the centers staff. Together a project or work-plan will be finalized, and a work schedule set. The Volunteer Coordinator will serve as the intern's primary contact.

All paperwork required by the intern's high school, undergraduate or graduate program will be completed by the Volunteer Coordinator. It is the intern's responsibility to make sure they complete the total number of hours required by their respective program within the semester/quarter that they are enrolled in the internship. Students completing an internship and wishing to continue their internship may do so and may be required to reapply; students are not restricted to any maximum number of internships.