Archival Services

Mayme A. Clayton Library & Museum
Public Archiving Program

The Mayme A. Clayton’s mission as a repository of African-American history and culture is to actively preserve physical materials such as: films, photographs, letters, books and clothing and other historical artifacts and memorabilia. This mission is accomplished by utilizing the latest research and best practices in the field of archival preservation that serve to protect the MCLM collections for generations to come.

In 2014, MCLM will extend its archival services to the general public. This new MCLM Public Archiving Service (PAS) is designed to provide professional archival support services to private individuals. The aim of this service is to ensure that an individual’s personal collection of historical memorabilia will be preserved for future generations. With this fee for service, individuals may choose to have their collections processed using the professional archival standards of MCLM.

The Mayme A. Clayton Public Archiving Services will include: Organization, Re-housing, Preservation, and the development of a finding aid.

*Organization: The MCLM staff will reorganize your personal collection in a clear and logical order that will guide users through the collection.

*Re-housing: The MCLM staff will re-house materials in archival materials: boxes, binders, folders, and protective sleeves.

*Preservation: To insure that materials remain in good condition, the MCLM staff will perform preservation measures as needed on collection materials. These measures will reflect current archival best practices.

*Collection Finding Aid: A finding aid will be created to ease the locating of materials within the collection. In addition, the finding aid will include a brief historical narrative of the materials within the collection along with a description of the collection’s organizational scheme.

If you would like an appointment to discuss this exciting new service and the preservation of your personal memorabilia and family history, please contact the LLoyd Clayton at 310-202-1647 or He will then provide you with the procedures for evaluating your collection.